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Welcome to the User Experience Office (UXO)

Let's collaborate! Our goal is to help you design intuitive, empowering, engaging user interfaces so everyone can equally have a positive and productive user experience.
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What is UX?

UX is an abbreviation for user experience. Technology is everywhere and people interact with it, have user experiences, everyday.

Poor experiences create frustration, waste time and effort, and raise costs. Good experiences reduce project cost and risk while creating user satisfaction for everyone. 

The UX design process enables teams to build interfaces that support excellent user experiences. UX design is about knowing your audience, designing for their needs, and testing your designs to see if they support your users needs.

How can UXO help with your projects?

We offer a variety of services to help with you engage with your end-user community at any stage of your project.  Our UX methods are designed to reveal and gather input from your users about their preferences, behaviors, and how they perform their everyday tasks.

We have found that such user feedback has been invaluable to teams as it further positions them to deliver their projects with confidence.    

We welcome you to explore our offerings and contact us with your UX questions and queries about how to engage with the UXO. We look forward to collaborating with you!



“If it’s not a friendly system it makes my job harder.”

– Denise Cox, Payroll Coordinator, Dining Services


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