Eemaan Siddiqi

Custom Solutions and Integration
User Experience Office
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The world of academia is one that Eemaan has always loved and been passionate about. Having spent over two decades in the corporate world working with cross-functional teams nationally and globally across diverse industries, Eemaan brings her experience to Princeton  University. Having worked at Scholastic Publishing in New York for a few years, Eemaan played the Product Owner role for eBooks and was responsible for the end-to-end user experience for e-Books and the rendering of them on a customized e-Reader. In this role, Eemaan led and worked with a team of business analysts, user-experience experts, front-end and back-end developers, and testers and is well-versed in all phases of product/application development. Her years of Agile methodology experience provides a good foundation to lead projects and teams in a more state-of-the art Agile fashion.

Prior to joining Princeton University, Eemaan was a senior consultant at Accenture where she held multiple roles on different projects across different organizations and industries – Harper Collins, Barnes and Noble Education, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Carnival Cruise Line to name a few. 

At Princeton University, Eemaan leads the CSI – Custom Solutions and Integrations team, as well as the UXO - User Experience Office team.  From a UXO perspective, Eemaan is tasked with bringing UXO into the Princeton University community weave that brings projects together.

Born and raised in Pakistan, Eemaan has been a New Jersey resident for 20 years and brings her cultural and global diversity to Princeton University. 

Eemaan has her Bachelors in English Literature, and Psychology and an MBA in Marketing. Her years of experience working with the entire gamut of software development teams where UXO has been a part of the software development DNA is one of her many strengths. 

Being a part of a mission-driven organization such as Princeton University is a dream come true for Eemaan.