Web Accessibility

Fairness and Inclusion

The User Experience Office recognizes that physical, sensory, cognitive, emotional, and psychological abilities exist in a wide spectrum amongst the students, faculty and staff of the University. We see this diversity as a pillar of strength that enriches the University community, and we work to find ways to include all users into our design frameworks and methodologies. The UXO champions the right of all the members of our community to access and use information communication technologies, which are vitally interwoven into the academic experience.

Accessibility and Improving Design for Everyone

The UXO believes that web accessibility, like user experience design, is more than a milestone to achieve in discreet projects. It encompasses a larger set of inclusive and people-centered principles and practices that should be integrated into all our processes, services and interactions with the people we serve. A keen focus on people and a desire to improve the solutions we provide them should be integrated into each step in the design, selection and support processes. From building a business case to discovery, prototyping and testing, to deciding which IT solutions to purchase, from architecting information and visual styling, meeting the needs of users with diverse abilities creates a better experience for everyone.

Detailed Guidance

Please visit the Accessibility website to learn how the University is supporting accessibility in information communication technology and how you can participate in this vital work.