1. Provide Text Alternatives for Images

Create Accessible Text Descriptions for Images

When images are present in Web content, we must provide meaningful alternative text description so that users of screen readers can have the image described to them. Also, we must provide ways for screen readers to ignore images that are used for decoration.

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Incorrect usage of alternative text

Correct usage of alternative text

Best Practice

Feedback from users that rely on alternative text descriptions ask us to keep the descriptions short and concise. Ideally, keep alt text under 140 characters (with spaces). Also, do not use the word “graphic or image” in description as the screen reader will announce "Graphic" and then read aloud the description you have entered. 


Refer to these guidelines offered by the OIT Digital Accessibility department for help in testing alternative text.  

  1. Do images have alternative text?
  2. Does the alternative text accurately reflect the image content?


Decorative images can be set with to null by setting <alt=“”>

Applicable WCAG Success Criteria

SC 1.1.1 Non-text Content


WebAim's guide to alternative text