8. Avoid Using Images of Text

Create Accessible Live Text Rather Than Images of Text

Whenever possible we should author text content in the Drupal editor rather than placing an image of text. Whereas we can describe the image of text with alternative text, we are diminishing the experience for both non-sighted and low-sighted users by doing so.  

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Incorrect usage of image of text

Correct usage live text and not image of text

Best Practice

Set text as live text whenever possible. If an image of text is required, provide a plain text alternative either in HTML or as a downloadable equally effective alternative format. 


Use this image bookmarklet  or automated testing tool like WAVE to discover images on a page

  • Are there images of text?
  • If yes, can you set as live text or provide alternative format?


Things like logos, charts, and graphs can have text set as part of the image as long as alternative text is authored to provide equivalent access. 

Applicable WCAG Success Criteria

SC 1.4.5 Images of Text


WebAim's article on issues with enlarged text