7. Provide Identification for Languages

Create Accessible Multilingual Content

Princeton's Drupal templates will correctly default to identifying the English language as the language of each page. If you are authoring content inside of a page that is a language other than English you will have to identify the language code for that piece of content. A screen reader needs to understand what language text content is written in so it can read the text aloud in that language. 

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Incorrect example of language usage

Correct example of language usage

Best Practice

At this time, the Drupal CMS has no easy way to identify languages on pieces of text other than using the source code editor. 


Use this Web Evaluation bookmarklet to discover languages on a page.

  • Is there text present that you entered in a foreign language?
  • Does that language have a <lang=”xx”>attribute?



Applicable WCAG Success Criteria

SC 3.1.2 Language of Parts


Oregon State University's page on multilingual text content

List of language codes for HTML