9. Avoid Using Tables for Layout

Create Accessible Multi-Column Layouts Without Tables

Tables have a very specific meaning and functionality in Web content. Using tables to create multi-column layouts creates a number of issues for users of diverse abilities as well as design issues for responsive layout. Whenever possible, use Drupal CMS to customize the page to have multiple columns of content rather than using tables to create a visual layout with multiple columns.  

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Best Practice

Use the features of Drupal to create multi-column page layouts, not tables which are intended for the presentation of data.


Use this tables bookmarklet or automated testing tool like WAVE to discover lists on a page.

  • Are all the tables data tables with structured headings?
  • Have you used tables for multi-column formatting?



Applicable WCAG Success Criteria

SC 1.3.2 Meaningful Sequence


WebAim's article on creating accessible tables