3. Use Bullet & Number Feature to Make Lists

Create Accessible Lists

Use the list feature in Drupal set bulleted and numbered lists. When there sub-lists present, use the indent feature. Lists are meant to function and behave in a certain way in an Web content. When we provide a visual formatting of a list in our layout, we must provide an equivalent experience to the non-sighted user. The non-sighted user with a screen reader should will be able to expose the number of items in a list, and be able to jump from list to list in the content. 

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Incorrect usage of lists

Correct usage of lists

Best Practice

Avoid manually formatting lists using bullets or numbers, instead, use the list feature in Drupal. Always create sub-lists using the indent feature to nest list elements into other lists.


Use this lists bookmarklet or automated testing tool like WAVE to discover lists on a page

  • Do all visually formatted lists have an <ol> or <ul> tag?
  • Are sub-lists set in their own <ol> or <ul> tag?



Applicable WCAG Success Criteria

SC 1.3.1 Info and Relationships


Web Accessibility Initiatives (WAI) page on the structure of Web content