Correct Usage of Color With Redundancy


This page depicts a compliant example of Success Criterion 1.4.1 Use of Color

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Using Color Alone to Communicate Information

Courses shown in red below are required to graduate. 


Line graph data in table proceeding
Month Sales Cost
Jan  $10,000.00  $8,000.00
Feb  $15,000.00  $12,000.00
Mar  $12,000.00  $9,600.00
Apr  $11,000.00  $8,800.00
May  $17,000.00  $13,600.00
Jun  $18,000.00  $14,400.00
Jul  $20,000.00  $16,000.00
Aug  $18,000.00  $14,400.00
Sep  $17,000.00  $13,600.00
Oct  $16,000.00  $12,800.00
Nov  $12,000.00  $9,600.00
Dec  $11,000.00  $8,800.00

Why Is This Compliant?

Using markers in the line graphs that correlate to the series legends provides a visual redundancy and no longer relies on color alone to communicate information. Adding the data table as a text equivalent actually renders the graphic as decorative content as well.