Information Architecture Techniques: How to Organize and Present Information 10-26

Thu, Oct 26, 2017, 9:00 am

Open to Students, Faculty, and Staff

A well designed digital system, whether informational or highly transactional, must be carefully organized for finding information and completing tasks. The practice of Information Architecture (IA) involves designing for the structures and language that are most appropriate for the people who will use the system. IA has practical benefits for IT project management, as well, as it helps define scope for all stakeholders and serves as the basis for interaction and screen design. 

Class topics include:

  • Writing for on-line reading

  • Organizing information for screen presentation

  • Navigation design: menus, buttons and links

  • Browsing and search

  • Creating taxonomies and nomenclature

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Employee Learning Center


Additional Date:

  1. 12/21/17


701 Carnegie Center Multipurpose Room A

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