Incorrect Usage of Color Alone


This page depicts violations of Success Criterion 1.4.1 Use of Color

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Using Color Alone to Communicate Information

Courses shown in red below are required to graduate. 


Sales data line graph


Why Is This a Violation?

The only way to correlate the data series of 'Cost' and 'Sales' to the values in the line graph is through color. 

NOTE: this graph is also in violation of SC 1.1.1 for alternative text description. The solution provided in Correct Usage of Color With Redundancy will solve for both SC 1.4.1 and SC 1.1.1. 

How Do I Fix It? 

Add visual redundancy to the data series and lines that depict values so a sighted user can decode the information with more than just color. Also, add a data table for a text equivalent. NOTE, adding a data table will effectively render the line graph as decoration.