Incorrect Usage of Sensory Characteristics


This page depicts violations of Success Criterion 1.3.3 Sensory Characteristics

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Example of Using Sensory Characteristics

The text between the two horizontal lines is the required reading for this week's home work assignment. 

In the expression thus obtained, the arbitrary constant that has to be added to the quantity E does not affect the result, and the third term, denoted "const.," is independent of V and T. The expression for the entropy e is strange, because it depends solely on E and T, but no longer reveals the special form of E as the sum of potential and kinetic energy. This fact suggests that our results are more general than the mechanical model used, the more so as the expression for h found in §3 shows the same property.

Why Is This a Violation?

Referring to a section of content by its relationship to other pieces of content creates a barrier for the non-sighted and low sighted. In this example, the horizontal lines will not be read aloud to a screen reader, and if the a person with low sight has turned off the CSS or has enlarged their screen, they will not be able to perceive the which piece of content.

How Do I Fix It? 

Either eliminate the reference to the spatial location or orientation, or provide a redundancy in the form of a text equivalent.