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We can help you put people first by integrating user centered design methods into your projects and practices. The best time to consider the people who will use the product or service you provide is at the ideation stage. Starting with the end user in mind helps you structure your project to ensure that what you deliver is useful, useable and desirable.

Our consulting services include:

  • Design thinking
  • Project strategy
  • User experience techniques
  • Accessibility


We offer classes on the full spectrum of user experience design, from introductory concepts and design thinking to practical tools and techniques on topics including:

  • Introduction to User Experience Design
  • Introduction to Web Accessibility
  • How to Conduct User Research
  • How to Conduct Usability Testing
  • How to Create and Test Prototypes
  • Information Architecture

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The Envision Process

Envision is our process for integrating user experience design into projects. It is compatible with Princeton's Project Management Methodology (PPMM) as well as any agile or waterfall approach. 

Envision is built on principles of cognitive psychology, user experience best practices and inclusive design. It presents a straightforward process for managing design that fits neatly into project plans and can used for many project types, including IT, service design, process design and physical space planning.