Design Consulting and Reviews

We can help you put people first by integrating user centered design methods into your projects and practices. The best time to consider the people who will use the product or service you provide is in the project discover phase. Starting with the end user end mind helps you structure your project to ensure that what you deliver is useful, useable, and desirable.

A design review is an inspection method for finding problems with a user interface.  During a review, one or more UX designers “walks through” the screens and identifies the problems they encounter. Despite their informality, design reviews are surprisingly effective, especially when multiple reviewers are involved.

To schedule a consulting session or a design review please contact Charlie at the UXO office: [email protected]

Usability Testing

Is your interface easy to use and intuitive? The best way to determine that is to watch your users interact with it! 

A usability test provides an opportunity to improve your design by observing people perform tasks on your prototype, application or website. It is an effective way to to identify and correct elements in the design. Tests can be performed at any time but are especially recommended in the design and development phases of a project, before customers need to use the solution you are launching. 

We conduct these session in our Usability Lab, and we can also conduct these sessions virtually, via the Zoom platform. 

To learn more about this engaging and enlightening process and how we collaborate with you to facilitate the test sessions, please contact Susan Spraragen:  [email protected].

UX Research Studies

Do you need to learn more about your end-user community? There are UX methods we can help you employ to discover more about how your users work, what are their pain points, and where are the opportunities for address their current and future needs. 

To learn more about UX research studies, such as focus groups, interviewing, or other methods please email [email protected].

Training & Outreach


The User Experience Office offers training in all aspects of UX design, research, and testing. Contact us to learn about the various ways we can develop a customized session for your team. Please contact  [email protected] for more information.


Throughout the year we offer a variety of community building events, including:

  • Design & Dessert lunchtime sessions, open to anyone with an interest in user experience and universal design. 
  • Special events and seminars that cover a variety of UX topics including writing for the web, mapping the user experience, and service design. 

To join the discussion and receive notifications of upcoming events, send an email to [email protected] with "JOIN UX-DESIGN" in the body of the email and leave the subject blank.


Contact Us

We are here to help!

  • To discuss your UX design needs and ideas 
  • To plan and facilitate usability testing

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