The OIT Usability LAB

"The Place for Design Doing"

Lab Overview

The OIT Usability LAB is a collaborative space where we apply a variety of UX design methods to help campus partners, graduate students, and undergraduates learn about their target audience, design and refine their prototypes, and test their prototypes with their end-users. Our goal is to enable teams to deliver user-friendly interfaces with confidence.

Our Services

Our services are available to the entire campus community. We facilitate usability testing, design reviews, accessibility evaluations, and other user studies.  

When you are at the stage of your project where you need unbiased feedback from your user community - come visit us and we will help you plan your study. We will help you understand and appreciate the user perspective on any interface you are prototyping: websites, vendor products, mobile applications, and custom software applications.


If you have any questions about the LAB, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Susan Spraragen: [email protected]


The Usability LAB is located in Green Hall on the Lower Level.  

Room number: 0-C-05

UXO Usability Lab
Susan, conducting usability test