The 5D Rubric

What is the 5D Rubric?

Everyone wants to deliver great user experiences but they’re hard to create.The 5D Rubric is a simple approach that will guide you in creating high quality user experiences for all sorts of projects.

The 5D Rubric can be used to evaluate the multifaceted experience a user has with any interface. It is based on the idea that every digital product can be thought of as a tool that users interact with to achieve some goal.The 5D Rubric defines user experience as five meaningful dimensions. The five dimensions are:

Empowering: The product delivers all the functionality the user requires.

Efficient: The user can complete their tasks with a minimum of time and effort.

Intuitive: It works the way the user expects.

Engaging: The user is involved and focused, without distractions.

Trusted: The user feels confident that the product is accurate, unbiased, reliable, and private.


About Rubrics

When you are measuring a single dimension, for example a person’s height or weight, a single number is adequate.

But many of the things we want to measure have multiple dimensions. In that case, you can use a rubric. 

For example, if you were evaluating candidates for a position, you could create a rubric where you score them on dimensions such as: experience, competence, references, and presentation.

The 5D Assessment

The 5D Assessment is an online questionnaire based on the 5D Rubric. The questionnaire takes about five minutes to complete and is easily administered by giving the user a link. It gives you:

  1. A numeric rating for each dimension.
  2. A list of suggestions and comments for each dimension.

There are three versions available. These all use the same dimensions, but the questions have been tweaked for different types of projects. The three versions are:

Using the 5D in your projects

The 5D dimensions can be customized for your project and be administered through an online survey. This format readily gives you access to review responses from your end-user community. 

Contact the UXO to learn more, and we will be happy to get you started with including this effect tool with all your project designs and deliverables.